Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why do obese people have a strange odor?

Through the years if I have sat and talked to very fat people, they have a very bad smell, and they all smell the same. What is it?
Well, being a nurse, I can answer this as I have taken care of extremely obese people. First of all, let me assure you that not all obese people smell..I promise.

It's hard for obese people to clean themselves well. They have skin folds and flaps that get moist and grow yeast and get gaulded and drain a clear fluid and that contributes to the odor.

Bottom line: It's how well they clean every single area of their body and maintain that level of cleanliness.

Brave, honest question...good for you.
maybe sweat?
Two things are affecting is that their excess body fat retains heat and causes them to sweat more than people with less body fat. Second is that it is harder for them to wash all the areas of their body with a shower.
They cannot reach around or under to wipe their butts, so they smell like old dingleberries
Apparently they can't hit all the problem spots when they shower. Yuck.

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