Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why do my arm pits smell like onion dip when I sweat?

Because you're a hobo living on the train, telling tall tales so Homer Simpson can give you a sponge bath.
You eat too much onion dip. Eat some fruit.
That's normal - mine do too
Probably because you need some deoderant. Fast.
yummy... u got a girlfriend?
Maybe because your deoderant doesn't work or you just arent wearing any
onion dip deoderant. chicks err chips dig it.
well, i use to like onion dip......thanks alot!
Maybe you are craving chips.
eat less onion dip
You eat a lot of onions? Better that than skunk.
like the first guy said. eat more frut and less onion dip/
LOL....Do ya eat alot of onion?
Because you forgot to wear DEODERANT!!
i dont know
maybe you dont shower well
The schmeh from sweat is actually the schmeh of your body's bacteria. We all have bacteria, and each person's schmeh is unique to them. It depends on many factors, such as diet, etc.
Are you an idiot? DO you really need to ask this? Or is this some way to be funny.. really.

well if you actually don't know here!

It happens to everyone Try wearing deodorant. Get anti-perspirent from any grocery store or drug store.
You need to see a Dr. This is a medical glandular problem. There are prescription deodorants for that.

ewww yuck, but I think its probably because our sweat has salt in it and our arm pit doesn't get much air, and since it's not expose to air it tends to produce bad odor (b.o). Just like our feet. So you might wanna use a deodorant next time.
that happened to my cousin jimmy when he started working at taco bell. he would bring saltine crackers to work, and dip them in the pico de gayo sauce everyday. next thing we knew, he was sweating onion dip! seriously it was so nasty! it also didn't help that he rarely showered and never wore deodorant. do you have issues regarding your personal hygiene? i work at a HS, i can get a hold of a personal hygiene DVD for you so you can learn the basics...just a thought.let me know.
certain foods make it worse stay away from any rich hot foods like garlic, chillies and curry. Tea tree deodorant is good and lasts well get it from chemists or supermarket.

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