Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why do your ears ring?

why is it that your ears ring? and dont say because people are talking about you neither haha i want to know the real reason.
"Ringing" in the ears is called tinnitus. It happens when delicate cells inside your ear that send sound messages to your brain are injured or over-stimulated. These cells have projections on them that look like hairs, and they are called "hair cells". The perception of sound starts when pressure waves moving through the air reach your ears. This causes your eardrums to vibrate, and these movements are transferred to the fluid in the inner ear, where the hair cells are located.
Movement of the inner ear's fluid leads to bending of the tiny hairs on the hair cells. This bending excites the hair cells, and causes them to send electrical signals to your brain through a nerve called the "auditory nerve". Your brain interprets the electrical signals from the auditory nerve as sound. The ringing sound of tinnitus is often a high squeal, like the sound of a computer monitor, but it can also be a low roar, and it can affect one or both ears. Usually your ears ring for a brief time after youve been exposed to loud noise, but for about 44 million Americans, ringing in the ears is a constant and annoying problem. It most often happens because people expose themselves to damaging levels of sound over long periods of time and dont protect their ears. You can tell a sound is too loud for safety if you have to shout to make yourself heard over it. Other causes of tinnitus can be an ear canal plugged with ear wax, abnormal blood pressure, allergies, ear infections, medications, and even specific kinds of food! If you have persistent tinnitus, you should tell your doctor about it.
its your phone
Echos in your eardrums.
Left over sound..
Because someone is talking about you!
it's sapost to mean someone is talking bout you
When you hear higher pitches your ears rining means that the inner ear is dying and once it stops you'll never hear that frequency again
I heard that it is because someone is thinking about you.
because people SCREAM in my ear.

there's a man hitting a gong in your head.
lol that only has happend to me one time.. so weired huh

best of luck. my wishes to ya.!
Sometimes when you listen to loud music (and I mean really loud) your ears ring. Even if you are in the middle of a screaming crowd..
It happens when delicate cells inside your ear that send sound messages to your brain are injured or over-stimulated.
I think it is because the noise ecos in your eardrum.
Yea, i heard that too. My ears would ring when i was a kid and i had water in there.
mines don't ring but sometimes they feel like there is water on my ears. why?
Ear infection
its after you have listened to loud music and its a sign that u are losing ur hearing and if it happens to u alot then i suggest u take urself to a doctor
Because when someone talks your eardrum vibrates in order to hear.
usually a spike in blood pressure or exposure to loud noises for a long period of time.
i thought your ears burn when someone is talking about you , must be just uk saying...they ring because

Ear infection
Fluid in the ears or wax in the ear
Ear trauma (such as from the noise of planes, firearms, or loud music)...
There is a medical conditions that cause this sometimes. It is called tinnitus.


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